(4) 1998 Pierce Quantum Pumpers
In 1998 four brand new Pierce Quantum Pumpers were delivered to the department in order to update an aging fleet of apparatus.  The trucks went into service at Engines 168, 178, 188, and 198.  They featured 1500 gallon per minute Single Stage Pumps with 500 gallon tanks, Cummins Diesel Engines M-11 370 HP, Allison H.D. 4060 PR Automatic Transmissions, and room for six firefighters in the cab.  A unique feature of these trucks was the folding steps which opened and closed as each door was opened.  The last Quantum to see front line action was removed from service in 2008 and placed into reserve status.  They held parish garage number's 1238, 1239, 1236, and 1237 respectively.
(Photo Taken by a Department Photographer)