The 4 new 2001 trucks went in service as Engines 118,138,148, and 158.  The 2002 truck went in service as Engine 128.  The new Pumpers are Pierce Dashs. They have a Federal Signal Code 3 siren package and Dover Roll-up doors on 3 sides of the truck.They seat 6 and have a light gray interior. The roof of the cab where the firefighters sit is raised higher than the front portion of the cab. The room inside of the cab is comparable to that of the Pierce Quantum trucks that were purchased by the department in 1998. Many things;however, are different from the '98 trucks. One thing is that the metal ladder on the passenger side of the truck does not extend past the back of the truck. This eliminates the chance that someone will hit their head on the ladder. Yet another difference is that the air intake is on the top of the truck instead of at the very bottom, so the truck could ride through flood waters. The pump panel is fully electronic. The siren sits inside of the bumper instead of on top like most trucks. Overall the pumps are a nice addition to the department. Here are some stats on the Trucks:

Cab:67" with a 10" raised roof
Seats 6
Gross Weight: 42,740  lbs.
Top Speed: 67mph
Engine Cummins ISM, 400hp,1450 torque
Air ride driver seat
Tank:500 gallons
Dover Roll-up Doors
ABS Breaks
Vertical Exhaust Pipe
Ramco Mirror
Command Zonetm electrical system
Control Zonetm pumphouse
Galvaneal body construction
Wisconsin Temp. Tag
Pump Control Panel
Vertical Exhaust Pipe
Akron Brassworks Pump
Cummins Engine
Cummins Engine
Cummins Engine
(4)2001, (1) 2002 Pierce Dash Pumpers