Delivered the week of 10/13/03, the Jefferson Parish's new Pierce Lance rescue truck is a beaut.  The truck features seating for four with an extra seat devoted solely to a command post inside of the truck with a table and cabinet drawers. The 3 door cab has a large raised roof which allows firefighters ample room to stand in the back of the cab. The roof of the truck provides more space with several fold open tool box like compartments. The roof also has a light tower and an air compressor for the cascade system.  An electronic siren and a mechanical siren compliment the roto-ray lights and emergency vehicle specification lighting system.  A Pierce Tak 4 independent front suspension also aids in helping the truck to maneuver the streets. The captain's side of the truck also features a roll down awning which can be used as an on scene rehab area or to provide an escape from the elements.
Driver's Side
Command Desk Interior
Air Compressor Management
Air Bottle Storage
2003 Pierce Lance Rescue