At 2:08am, a passerby stopped at station 13 to tell firefighters that there was a fire at the corner of Airline Dr. and Transcontinental. Engine 138 called for a still alarm .Once the firemen lifted the bay door up, they realized that they had a fire because of the smoke that enveloped the area. The first in units saw heavy fire pouring from the 2nd story of a 2 story seafood/dental lab building.  DC 160 quickly called for a 2nd alarm .  Squad 349 (from TDVFD) was dispatched to the scene later in the night in order to fill air bottles.  At the height of the fire 3 deck guns were used (engine 138 in front,engine 178 on the left-hand side, and engine 168 in the back) and 2 ladder trucks were set up (ladder 137 in front and ladder 117 in the back of the building). Engine 168 and engine 118 had to hit plugs that were over a block away from the main fire building. After about 30 minutes of battling the blaze, firemen were able to get the fire under control. Firemen did a very very good job of preventing the fire from spreading to the attached businesses.
1st Alarm: E138, E168, L137, DC 160(A); Working Fire Dispatch: S159; 2nd Alarm: E118, E148, E178, L117, DC 140, S349 (Third District)
7/11/01: Airline and Transcontinental 2 Alarm          
Engine 138 in front of fire building
Op. Finley can be seen climbing down Ladder 117 in the foreground, and engine 168 can be seen in the background with its deck gun in use. Both trucks were located behind the fire building.
Third District's Squad 349