At approximately 8:45pm firefighters were dispatched to a report of a bed fire. The dispatcher advised units in route that everyone was out of the house.  First in companies found heavy fire venting through the roof and rear of the one story brick dwelling.  Shortly after a size up of the incident was performed, an extra engine (E148) was special called and a second alarm called in almost rapid procession. The blaze was started by a child using a lighter to look for a cat under a bed.
1st Alarm: E138,E168,L137,DC160 (C)  Working Fire Dispatch: S169 Special Call: E148  2nd Alarm: E178,E198, L117, DC140, PIO 20, Safety.
6/6/04: House Fire@814 Pasadena           
FF. Boudreaux re-suits up for overhaul operations.