At 9:15pm firefighters responded to a reported fire at Copeland's Restaurant. Upon arrival (and with people still eating dinner)ladder 117 set up shop in the parking lot in order to get to the roof.  Smoke could be seen coming from the roof.  After further investigation, crews determined that an electric motor that powered the florescent light bulbs around the complex caught fire.  The small malfunction may have been caused by water that seeped into the building. The fire was extinguished soon after it was discovered. The front room of Copeland's sustained minor water and smoke damage.
1st Alarm: E118, E128, E198, L117, DC 160 (A)
6/8/01: Electrical Fire@Clearview Parkway Copeland's          
Carl F.(op. L117) used a salvage cover to protect a patron's car that was directly under the suspected fire.
This picture shows an employee working under a ladder that led to the attic portion on Copeland's.Firemen utilized this ladder in order to gain entry to the attic, and they constantly used it throughout the incident.
This picture shows E128's crew exiting Copeland's roof.
After they tried to use a dry chemical extinguisher to douse the small fire,Jeff K. and Paul G.(ff.'s station 12) used a 2 1/2" hose to put out the small fire.E118 supplied the hose and pump power at the scene. Smoke was visible only at the scene.