Around 11am on Friday April 28th, firefighters were dispatched to a fire inside of Hurricane's Bar, 1414 Veterans Blvd.  Once on scene, firefighters were able to quickly douse the fire.  Welders welding steel wall beams accidentally caught the wall on fire causing about 30,000 in damage.  Around 3:30am on April 29th, the same companies were called out to 3535 Severn Ave. at Mulligan's Bar.  The fire, which was believed to have been electrical in nature, was quickly extinguished as well. Thank You FF. Willhoft for sending me the Hurricane's picture, and Thank You Capt. Brondum for helping me at the Mulligan's fire.
1st Alarm (for both incidents) E158, E188, L187, S159, DC140 (A)
F.F. Willhoft hits hotspots
Hurricane's Bar:
Mulligan's Taverne:
4/28-29/06: Hurricane's Bar and Grill and Mulligan's Taverne