Around 7pm, units were called to investigate an odor of smoke inside of the Pelican Building on Airline Highway.  After thoroughly investigating the area extensively nothing was found. Shortly after arriving back at their stations, firefighters were recalled back to the scene again around 9:45pm. This time firemen found the root of the problem, and quickly took steps to solve the situation.  A smoldering fire was found where the roof met the wall of the building.  Additional units were called to the scene to assist the 1st alarm companies.  No second alarm was called; however, the amount of units that were special called amounted to a 2nd Alarm.
1st Alarm: E118, E148, E158, L117, S159, DC140 (C)  2nd Alarm:  E138, L187,(C) PIO 20, S 100
12/22/03: The Pelican Building on Airline Highway