The first station 15 was built in 1928 at 402 Aurora Avenue (cross of Homer) on land that was donated by Alfred E. Bonnabel to house Metairie Volunteer Fire Company #1.  The Station progressed from a three bay facility housing horse drawn fire apparatus that was more than suitable for the area to a two bay station housing large yet modern firetrucks.  It became station #5 when the volunteer department merged with the department, and it turned into station 15 when the number system was changed again in the late 80's.  In 2003 plans were drawn up for a brand new firehouse.  (Click here to see how the station was built)  The finished product officially opened on June 27,2006.  Firefighters moved from an outdated 2,000 sq. foot one story building to a two story 10,000 sq. foot station.  The new facility boosts a larger captain's quarters, a private sleeping area, an increased locker capacity, a radio room, female shower/bathroom facilities, a truck exhaust system and a larger apparatus bay.  The following photos compare the old with the new.  Thank you C platoon for your help with these photos.
Station 15 Old and New: A Comparison           
New Station 15:
Old Station 15: