Engine 168
2017 Ferrara Igniter
  • 1750 GPM
  • 500 Gallon Tank
Station 16 was originally fire station number 4 in District 2 back in the fifties. The original building was demolished in 2007, rebuilt, and reopened in May 2010. Throughout the years, it has held an engine and a utility vehicle and, later on, a ladder and an engine.  Today it is home to an engine, a rescue squad, and a district chief.  The station's first due is composed mainly of residential structures.  Squad 169 rolls automatically to structure fires or serious accidents on the west side of the city.  The station's mascot is Yosemite Sam.
Squad 169
2015 Ferrara Igniter
  • Walk Around Heavy Rescue
Station 16
5200 Lafreniere Street
Opened: 1958; Demolished 2007; Reopened May 2010
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