At 11pm on August 27, 2005 departments from almost every fire department in Jefferson Parish brought apparatus to the Joseph S. Yenni building in preparation for an 80 mile convoy out of harms way before Hurricane Katrina struck the area.  The move of about seventy firetrucks did not leave the parish unprotected (many units stayed behind to protect the citizens of the parish), but rather it positioned several trucks from each west bank fire department and from each east bank fire department to return immediately following the storm should the original trucks get damaged.  The following pictures show only some of the trucks that made the journey.
8/27/05: Hurricane Katrina Evacuation           
JPFD's E138
JPFD's S169
(3rd District) Third District VFD's L317
(3rd District) Third District VFD's E318
(2nd District) Harahan VFD's L257
View From (2nd District) Harahan VFD"s L257
(8th District) Marrero-Harvey VFD's E828
(8th District) Marrero-Harvey VFD's E808
(7th District) Herbet Wallace VFD's E778
(4th District) Lafitte-Crown Point-Barataria VFD's S409
A general view of the Yenni parking lot.
 (4th District) Lafitte-Crown Point-Barataria VFD's E438
Another general view of the parking lot.
(6th District) Harvey VFD's E628
(Gretna) Gould Hose Tender G-5
(6th District) Harvey VFD's E616
(6th District) Harvey VFD's L617
(Gretna) Gould's G-2
(Gretna) Gould's G-1
(Gretna) David Crockett's C-6
This blurry picture shows trucks entering and parking in Baton Rouge
This blurry picture shows the JPFD units parked.